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A web typography book for web designers & web developers

Better Web Typography for a Better Web is a book based on a top-rated online course explaining typography to people who build web sites—web designers and web developers. The author, Matej Latin, takes complex concepts such as vertical rhythm, modular scale and page composition, and explains them in an easy-to-understand way. The content of the book is accompanied by live code examples and the readers go through a process of designing and building an example website as they go through the book. This is a new typography book for a new medium, the rules haven’t changed much, everything else has.

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Better Web Type book inside

What’s inside?

  • 232 pages of content
  • 13 steps to design and build an example website
  • Example website source code
  • Example website Sketch files (coming soon)
  • Printable PDF web typography cheat sheet
  • 30+ other live code examples
  • Sketch tips and more…
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What will you learn from this book?


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5-star rating

A must-read for any web designer/developer

As a designer who also works in front-end code, I've been waiting for book like this, which addresses both designers and developers. Often, there is still a huge gap in the collaboration between design and code. This book will help to improve this process and make a web with better typography.

Arne Schog

Arne Schog

5-star rating

All the heart eyes 😍

Not only is this incredibly informative, but it is wonderfully written. It's more than just helping you choose better typefaces—but creating type that is clear as well as beautiful.

Alyssa Karnes

Alyssa Karnes

Design & build an example website

Each chapter concludes with examples that gradually design and build the example website.

  1. 01
    Learn the theory

    The what and the whys.

  2. 02
    Use it in practice

    See how.

  3. 03
    See it in action

    Live examples and source code.

Example website


Better Web Type Cheat Sheet

Included with ebook

Get this cool, 2-sided printable web typography cheat sheet that will help you recognize font styles, use typographically correct punctuation, font weights, font styles, figure styles, ligatures and more.

Web typography cheat sheet

About the author

Hey, I’m Matej. I’m a designer from Slovenia but currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland and work as a Senior UX designer at GitLab. My journey towards being a designer began when I was 13. I joined an after-school class called ‘Web Design’ where I learned the basics of HTML and handcrafted my first website. I never studied design so typography was one of the many things that I had to explore by myself. And once I started exploring, I couldn’t stop. The gray area between design and development attracted me the most, so I created things like Gutenberg—The Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit and now Better Web Type. I decided to create a web typography course because there’s little content online that would be practical, concise and aimed at both—designers and developers.

@matejlatin |

Matej Latin

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eBook + cheat sheet

$19.95 $13.95

30-day money back guarantee



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I did the email course, should I still get the book?

I didn’t just take the content from the course and put it into an eBook format. I expanded it. The course was relatively short with around 13,000 words of content, the book is more than 40,000 words long and covers topics that aren’t in the email course.

I’m not a native English speaker. Will I have problems understanding the book?

I’m not a native English speaker either so my writing always uses the simplest language that anyone can understand. Besides, I’m always happy to help if you have trouble understanding any part of the book. Just send me an email.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay for the book with any major credit card or through PayPal. If you come across any trouble make sure you get in touch.

Can you ship to my country and what are the shipping costs?

Book Depository have free shipping and ship everywhere in the world, Amazon may not be available everywhere.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

I do, 30 days for the eBook. If, for some reason, you’re not 100% happy with the book, I'll gladly refund your order.

Do you have a student discount?

Yes, if you’re a student write me an email and I’ll send you a discount for the eBook.

Do you offer bulk orders discount?

If you want to buy three or more licenses (for your colleagues etc.) get in touch. I’ll send you a discount code.

Does the cheat sheet come with the printed book too?

No, the printable cheat sheet only comes with the eBook. I don’t distribute the printed book so it’s impossible for me to include the cheat sheet with it. If you bought the printed book and want the cheat sheet, send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

Table of Contents

  • Macro Typography
    • 1 Introduction to Web Typography
    • 2 Anatomy of a Typeface
    • 3 Choosing Typefaces
    • 4 Equilateral Triangle of a Perfect paragraph
    • 5 Combining Typefaces
    • 6 Rhythm in Web Typography
    • 7 Modular Scale
    • 8 Page Composition
    • 9 Responsive Web Typography
  • Micro Typography
    • 10 Ligatures
    • 11 Small Caps and Figures
    • 12 Punctuation
    • 13 Dropcaps

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