Space Grotesq is the featured free font of this edition, we also take a look at fonts people actually use, OpenSource fonts, and articles about variable fonts.

Welcome to the first edition of the new monthly Better Web Type newsletter! I decided to do this because there are so many new and cool things about typography being released all the time and this is the best way to keep you updated… Let’s dive right in!


  1. You can now support the Better Web Type project by making a donation. You can donate as much as you want and the top donor of the month (individual or company) will be featured in this newsletter. Better Web Type is my side project so book sales and donations allow me to spend more time working on it.

  2. I wrote about overcoming my addiction with the meaninglessness of social media in my latest blog post called Buzz junkie.


Fonts That People Actually Use

The guys at Icons8 came up with this tool that explores real-life font combinations. They went through the websites published on ProductHunt and analyzed the data. This tool is great if you want to see how certain fonts are used and what other fonts they’re combined with. But the best part is that you can see real, live website examples. I’m loving this 👍

Font of the month

Space Grotesq

I’m crazy about geometric sans-serif fonts and the latest font from Florian Karsten is a thing of beauty. It’s a sharp geometric style but has some quirky and tech feel to it. The best thing is you can get it for free (OpenType and Web font) and it comes in 5 styles! 😍

Cool Articles

30+ Free and Open Source Typefaces Released Recently

This collection by Noemi Stauffer is freakin’ awesome.

An Exploration of Variable Fonts

Mathieu Triay explores how variable fonts can improve the user experience.

New Resources

I added the following to the list of all web typography resources:

  • Axis Praxis is a tool to play around with variable fonts in the browser.
  • FontPair is a huge collection of font combinations, based on real websites.

Photo of the month

It was my birthday last Thursday so I went on a short trip to see something I always wanted to see —the Hadrian’s Wall, the very edge of the fallen Roman empire. It was fascinating! My Instagram is @matejlatin.


That’s it for this month, see you in October! 👋


About the Author

Matej is a Senior Product Designer at GitLab and the author of the Better Web Type project. Originally from Slovenia but his passion for simple and usable design took him on a journey through Germany, Luxembourg, London and all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland. He thrives in the grey area between design and development.

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