Inter UI from Figma is the featured free font of this edition, we also take a look at a demo of CSS OpenType features and typesetting in text rendering in Sketch.

Here’s the latest and coolest web typography stuff for this month.


  1. The count of Better Web Type subscribers went past 20,000 last month! Woohoo! 🎉💪 Thanks to everyone supporting this project.

  2. The Font Memory Game that I released recently was featured in an article on Fast Company.

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  4. The printed version of the Better Web Type book is available on the official website again. The quality of the print is much better—coated, shiny paper and awesome colors (check out images below) but the price is the same. Free shipping worldwide included. Get your copy.


The complete CSS demo for OpenType features

This is by far the best list of OpenType features with explanations how to use them and cool demos that make it easy to see all the smallest details that typography goes into. OpenType features separate awesome typography from good typography so mastering them is essential.

Font of the month

Inter UI

The most common problem I have with free fonts is that they’re usually limited in features they support. To me, support for small caps, different styles of figures etc. is very important. Inter UI, is a free and OpenSource font that was designed by the people behind Figma and is intended for UI usage and has awesome support for OpenType features. 👏

Cool Articles

Typesetting in Sketch

Rendering of type got updated in a recent Sketch update.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of text rendering in Sketch

Another article on text rendering in Sketch. I guess it’s the theme of the month 😅​

Is your website font size too small?

Large text sizes are becoming a trend. I already use huge font sizes on my website, I think it looks cool.

New Resources

I added the following to the list of all web typography resources:

  • Discover.typography is a gallery of awesome typefaces from H&Co. This is not just a list of fonts, it’s a gallery of work. Really inspiring.
  • Font Playground is a web editor that allows us to play around with variable fonts.

Photo of the month

Coffee time with my new ‘TYPE GEEK’ mug. @matejlatin.


That’s it for this month, see you in November! 👋


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