Optician Sans is the featured free font of this edition, we also take a look at improving the performance of web font loading subsetting numerals.

How is it going? This is the last email from me this year. I wanted to share some cool web typography stuff that I found online and a few updates.


  1. If you’re looking to give the Better Web Type book as a gift, today is the last day to place the order and receive it in time for Christmas. If you want to buy multiple, you can do so here.

  2. I added two more cheat sheets to the book: Recognizing font styles and the Better web typography checklist. There are now 5 cheat sheets that come as extras with the eBook and the Combo pack, check it out on the new website.


The Five Whys of Web Font Loading Performance

A talk about font loading performance with concrete examples and a case study. Can you guess who the author is? Yup, it’s Zach Leatherman!

Font of the month

Optician Sans

I found this little gem today, it’s described as “a free font based on the historical eye charts and optotypes used by opticians worldwide.” Sounds strange, I know, when would a designer need a font like this? But take a look, the font looks really cool. I could definitely see myself use this in a project. Too bad it only consists of uppercase letters.

Cool Articles

The best new type foundries of 2018

If you want to find very unique fonts, you’ll need to explore the ones from lesser known foundries. This is a good place to start.

The Letter “A”

This is simply an anatomy of the letter “A”. A very interesting article.

Subset numerals so they’re as awesome as the rest of your content

Let’s say that you chose a font for your body text but it only comes with the lining (“uppercase”) numerals. You want the old-style ones as they’re a better fit, what do you do? You could load numbers from another but similar font.

Photo of the month

I re-introduced the printed version of the book recently. I’m now getting ready to send a few copies out as gifts. @matejlatin


I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday season. See you next year! 🎄🎅🏻✨


About the Author

Matej is a Senior Product Designer at GitLab and the author of the Better Web Type project. Originally from Slovenia but his passion for simple and usable design took him on a journey through Germany, Luxembourg, London and all the way to Edinburgh in Scotland. He thrives in the grey area between design and development.

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