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    Emin Grbo

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    Tram Tran

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    5 stars
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Lesson Example

Introduction to typography

DAY 1 / 7

Is typography a science or an art? In the first lesson, we start by looking for a definition of typography, why it’s important and why web developers should learn about it too.

Lesson One

Equilateral triangle of a perfect paragraph

DAY 2 / 7

Shaping typographically perfect paragraphs could be an art of its own. But in this lesson, we boil it down to balancing three key things: font size, line height and line length. We conclude with an interactive learning game that will help you sharpen your paragraph shaping skills.

Lesson Two

Anatomy of a typeface

DAY 3 / 7

In the third lesson, we explore our main tool—the typeface. Understanding the anatomy of a typeface, different styles of typefaces and things like type contrast and weight will be your foundations for the topics we’ll cover in lessons 4 and 5.

Lesson Three

Choosing typefaces

DAY 4 / 7

How do you go about choosing typefaces? Do you just pick one that you kinda like? Do you use one that a friend recommended to you? Or do you even use a typeface because it’s a popular one? Your choice should primarily be based on one thing—the content.

Lesson Four

Combining typefaces

DAY 5 / 7

Combining typefaces is one of the most dreaded but equally captivating topics in typography. In this lesson you’ll learn the basic rules of combining typefaces. The rules that you can choose to follow… or break.

Lesson Five

Rhythm in web typography

DAY 6 / 7

Rhythm in typography is a popular topic among web designers. In its essence, it’s a way of creating visual hierarchy and cohesion on our websites. When done well, it drastically improves the reading experience.

Lesson Six

Modular scale & meaningful web typography

DAY 7 / 7

How do you choose font sizes? Just randomly pick numbers or whatever “looks best”? If you do, there’s no meaning behind your decisions and what’s worst, this randomness can easily turn into chaos. Modular scales help bring meaning and order into your web typography.

Lesson Seven

About the author

Hey, I’m Matej. I’m a self-taught designer from Slovenia but I lived in Germany, London, and Edinburgh to build my career. My journey towards being a designer began when I was 13. I joined an after-school class called Web Design where I learned the basics of HTML and handcrafted my first website. I never studied design so typography was one of the many things that I had to explore by myself. And once I started exploring, I couldn’t stop. The gray area between design and web development attracted me the most, so I created things like Gutenberg—The Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit and now Better Web Type. I decided to create a web typography course because there’s little content online that would be practical, concise and aimed at both — designers and web developers.

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Matej Latin
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