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Better Web Type is an easy-to-follow web typography email course for web designers & web developers.

Created By

Matej Latin

Matej Latin

Creator of Gutenberg—the Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit.

Web design is 95% typography, Oliver Reichenstein famously claimed. So web designers and front-end developers should all have typography skills. Skills that go beyond merely choosing fonts but actually contribute to producing readable, legible and inviting content online. Would you say that’s the case? Things are getting better but we’re still not quite there yet. This is where Better Web Type comes in.

Better Web type will teach you about typography by going through 10, easy-to-digest lessons. They cover everything you need to know to produce better web typography and start contributing to a better web.

Join over 14,000 web designers and developers learning about shaping a perfect paragraph, choosing and combining typefaces, using modular scale and applying vertical rhythm to their websites.

Lesson Example

Course Overview

Lesson 01

Introduction to typography

Lesson 02

Equilateral Triangle of a Perfect Paragraph

Lesson 03

Anatomy of a Typeface

Lesson 04

Choosing Typefaces

Lesson 05

Combining Typefaces

Lesson 06

Rhythm in Web typography

Lesson 07

Modular Scales & Meaningful Typography

Lesson 08


Lesson 09

Small Caps & Figures

Lesson 10

Dashes & Smart Quotes


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How it Works

Step 1

Receive a daily lesson

from the author straight to your inbox.

Step 2

Read the lesson

a five to ten minute read on the topic of the day.

Step three

Go beyond & explore further content

—articles, websites, tools & book suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Null. Nada. It doesn't cost a thing. It’s free and it will always be free.

Can I get all the lessons at once?

Not at the moment, but a book, combining all the lessons with additional extra content, is coming soon.

What skills do I need to take part?

This course is written so it doesn’t require any special skills. Basic understanding of HTML & CSS can help.

How much time will I have to invest?

Lessons are a 5 to 10 min read and easy to digest. They come with links for further reading or a task.

About the author

Matej at a CSS meetup.

Hey, I’m Matej. I’m a UX/UI designer. I live in London, UK, where I work as a Lead UX/UI designer at Auto Trader—UK’s largest online marketplace for anything automotive. My journey towards being a designer started when I was 13. I joined an after-school class called Web Design where I learned the basics of HTML and handcrafted my first website in Microsoft Notepad.

I’m from Slovenia but my passion for simple, clean and usable design took me to a journey through Germany, Luxembourg and finally UK. It was a specific project I was working on while in Luxembourg, that made me fall in love with typography. Looking back, I now realize how clueless I was—I thought typography was about fonts alone. Once I started exploring, I couldn’t stop. The grey area between design and code attracted me the most, so I created things like Gutenberg—The Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit and Quotes on Type and now Better Web Type.

My work has been featured in:

Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, Net Magazine, Codrops

You’ll Learn …

Better web typography skills for

Web Designers

Web typography skills

Better web typography skills for

Web Developers

What others are saying

Christian Croona 5 stars

Christian Croona


A fun, easy and quick way to level up one's web typography skills.

Albert J. Menkweld 5 stars

Albert J. Menkweld


Nicely packaged course, great content, good examples for someone interested in designing accessible sites. Everyone is very busy, but reading a lesson in an email every day is totally doable.

Fi Bennett 5 stars

Fi Bennett


Very insightful and really enjoyed the ‘extra reading’ part. I even bet a graphic designer on the kerning game!

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