Better Web Typography for a Better Web.

An easy to follow web typography course for web designers.

Learn the Rules of Typography

and how to adapt them to the web


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Lesson Example

Lesson Example

About the Author

Matej Latin

Matej Latin is a UX designer originally from Slovenia. His passion for simple, clean & usable design drove him through Germany, Luxembourg and dropped him off in London, UK—where he currently works as a Product Designer at DueDil. He loves coding and typography as he tries to combine both to improve the readability of the web, one step at a time.

He created Better Web Type because he believes that web design has been neglecting the basic rules of typography and that it's time to stop doing so. Only then will we start producing better web typography for a better web.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Better Web Type and who is it for?
Better Web Type is a simple web course about web typography and it's meant primarily for web designers.

Is Better Web Type course free?
Yes, Better Web Type's goal is not to make money but to improve the readability of the web by educating web designers.

What skills do I need to get through the course?
You will need basic web design skills to get trough the course, including basic HTML & CSS coding.

Can I contribute to Better Web Type?
We’re looking for contributors of all kinds: curators, authors, sponsors, partners... Get in touch.

Better Web Type is Coming Soon

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