Kulim Park is the featured font, we take a look at free font alternatives, font loading strategies, and a case study of selecting fonts.

how are you? I took some time off recently and came back refreshed and ready to rock! 🤘There’s so much to do in the coming months, including some long-anticipated changes in my private life. More on that at the right time, let’s take a look at cool web typography stuff!


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Free font alternatives: the ultimate guide

Erik from Learnui.design created a list of popular fonts and their free alternatives. It includes all-time favourites, such as Futura, Gotham, Avenir and Proxima Nova. Erik goes into details and provides numerous alternatives, one of them being the best match and another being the best match on Google Fonts. This is really useful!

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Font of the month

Kulim Park

I recently stumbled upon this open-source font and it immediately attracted me. It’s the Kulim Park font. I don’t know why but it feels modern and nostalgic at the same time. The authors describe it as a font “with high x-height, open counter ‘a’, minimal degrees of contrast in stem width, inviting bowls and a design language aimed at encapsulating openness.” This one goes straight to my shortlist, I hope to use it for a personal project soon!

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Cool Articles

The best font loading strategies and how to execute them
A lot has been written on font loading already but this overview from Zell Liew summarises the strategies really well.

Ocado’s new custom typeface
Robin, a subscriber of this newsletter, told me about this new custom typeface. I love to read these custom typeface design case studies!

The sans selection
Tejas Bhatt writes a detailed case study about how his team approached selecting typefaces for an online long-form journalism platform. I love their result!

Cool Resources

Font brief
Font brief is a cool tool to help pick a typeface based on its characteristics. Perfect for branding work because you can filter the fonts by personality.

That’s it, see you next month! 👋

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