Better Web Typography for a Better Web

Better Web Typography for a Better Web (eBook)


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Christian Croona 5 stars

Mathias Adam


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Fi Bennett 5 stars

Jan de Wit


I'm amazed at how many topics were covered in such a short course, while still going quite in-depth on several of them. I look forward to the fleshed out book!

Albert J. Menkweld 5 stars

Fernando Valverde


A clear and concise course. I look forward to the book.

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Meticulously designed, simple to read

Each format comes with a dedicated, meticulously designed layout for the corresponding device. The eBook comes in iBooks, Kindle and PDF format.

So far, both—type newbies and experts enjoyed Better Web Type. Topics like vertical rhythm, combining typefaces & modular scale are explained so everyone understands them.

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Learn how to

Combine typefaces like a proper type geek

Combining typefaces is the trickiest part of typography. The book explains the process of finding typeface pairs that work well together and reinforces it with examples.

Go beyond simple and safe typeface combinations and learn how to mix and match like a master.

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Learn how

Modular scale, vertical rhythm & grids work together

Start off by understanding each of the three separately but learn how to make them work together. Find answers to the following questions:

  • Should I set a modular scale first and then apply the grid or the other way around?
  • Do the line-height and the margins need to be a value from the modular scale?
  • What do I do when a size from the modular scale doesn’t fit into the grid?
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Learn how to avoid

common mistakes & see typography myths debunked

Find out what’s wrong with using faux font styles, using print instead of web fonts and confusing text and display fonts. Learn about these mistakes and how to avoid them.

The book also debunks myths like legibility of serif vs sans-serif typefaces and “sans-serif typefaces are better for the web”.

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The book is rich with

Code snippets & Sketch examples

Unlike the free course counterpart, the book is rich with code snippets and Sketch examples. The course was limited to a certain number of words and images, the book was written with no such limits in mind.

The course was 13,000 words of content, the book is now 40,000 words, so 3 times more.

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Follow a step-by-step

Example of designing & building a website

The book explains the content-first approach as an alternative to the mobile-first. With the content as its backbone, it then proceeds to design and build a fully working example website with a layout that challenges the web of today.

See how your newly acquired knowledge gets applied to a realistic example.

What’s in the book?

Table of contents

Part I: Macro Typography

  1. Introduction to web typography
  2. Anatomy of a typeface
  3. Choosing typefaces
  4. The equilateral triangle of a perfect paragraph
  5. Combining typefaces
  6. Rhythm in web typography
  7. Modular scale
  8. Page composition
  9. Responsive web typography

Part II: Micro Typography

  1. Ligatures
  2. Small caps and figures
  3. Punctuation
  4. Dropcaps

CodePen Examples

More content

(Compared to the course)

Example website

Example Website

Design and build an example website as you go through the book (includes source code on CodePen).

Example website

Sketch Tips

How to use modular scale, vertical rhythm, ligatures and small caps in Sketch.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did the course, should I still get the book?

I didn’t just take the content from the course and put it into an eBook format. I expanded it. The course was relatively short with around 13,000 words of content, the book is around 40,000 words.

What’s been added to the book?

Lots more of what the course students have asked for: practical examples, code snippets, Sketch tips and fully coded & working examples on CodePen.

I don’t have PayPal, how else can I pay?

No worries, PayPal has an option to pay with a debit or a credit card. It’s on the bottom of their login screen. Let me know if you need help.

Will there be a paperback/print version?

Yes, there will be a paperback version of the book available shortly after the release. It will be distributed through Amazon. Stay tuned.

Better Web Typography for a Better Web

Better Web Typography for a Better Web (eBook)

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