Lora is the featured font, we take a look Cooper Black and why it’s everywhere, as well as fonts in politics (again) and UI typography.

How are you? For me, it’s just another busy summer. I don’t know why but it seems that summers are generally very productive when it comes to working on my projects. Right now, I’m working on wrapping up my new course UX Buddy until September as well as constantly continue to work on Better Web Type and these newsletters. I’ll finally take some time off then in September.


⭐️ The number of reviews of the Better Web Type book recently surpassed 100 and its rating still averages at a high 4.4! 😲 I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took their time to review my book. Reviews really help support this project so I truly appreciate it! If you haven’t reviewed the book yet, you can do it in less than a minute by just rating it on Goodreads (writing an actual review is not required). Thanks! 🙏


Cooper Black: Why this font is everywhere

A short, 10-minute video about the story of a font that’s literally everywhere. Why, when and how did it become so popular? What’s its story? Take a look, it’s a fascinating story.

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Font of the month


Lora is a modern-looking serif font but with a flavour of calligraphy. In fact, authors even describe it as calligraphy inspired. What’s cool about that is the really nice italic style that comes with it. It Comes in 3 weights and each of them has the accompanying italic style. Oh yeah, it’s Open Source and the latest version includes the variable font too! 😍

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Cool Articles

Biden’s new campaign typefaces are a pivot to the general election
You know what’s cool about politics? Nothing. Except for articles that dive into typeface combinations for the presidential election campaigns. This one looks into how Biden’s camp switched from using one sans serif typeface to using a combination of two—a serif and a sans-serif.

The details of UI typography
Apple’s 30-minute video guide to awesome typography. Worth a watch!

10 excellent font pairing tools for designers
Font pairing is hard, not matter how much you read and learn about it. So when I found this list of cool resources, I knew I had to include it.

New resources

Wp FOFT Loader
If you’re using WordPress and you want to use the best font loading technique to improve the performance and perceived performance of your website use this plugin. It’s based on Zach Leatherman’s font loading approach. Recommended to my by Chris Zahller 👍

70+ free fonts for designers
Lora, the font featured in this edition is from this list. These are all fonts that you can use commercially and a lot of them are Open Source. Thanks to Fabiola Castro for recommending this resource to me 🙏

Recommended reading

Do you work for a tech company and feel miserable but don’t really know why? It might be the company you work for. Check out this book, I really enjoyed this one! 👍👍👍

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