Scunthorpe Sans is the featured font, we take a look at using fonts for complex data, as well as micro typography, font combinations, how fonts influence us, and fonts in popular things.

How’s it going? I just came back from a short break I took to visit my family. Just a couple of days to disconnect and recharge, no time for longer breaks until September. There’s still so much work to do before then.


YouTube Sans: The making of a typeface

I’m not sure how old this case study is but I only stumbled upon it today. I love such case studies and I particularly like how this one is presented with animations.

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Font of the month


This is a font that I stumbled upon just today. It’s on Google Fonts and it’s a variable font! I loved the light retro geometric sans feel it has to it. Can’t wait to use this one in a project! 🤩

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Cool Articles

The awesome Mac OS Catalina fonts you didn’t know you had access to
That’s right. You can download a bunch of additional cool fonts on Mac OS.

Using calc to figure out optimal line-height
Jesús Ricarte looks into finding the optimal line-height by using calc. His solution looks really good in the end.

10 excellent font pairing tools for designers
Font pairing is hard, not matter how much you read and learn about it. So when I found this list of cool resources, I knew I had to include it.

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