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Beautiful web typography just got easier

A web typography book for designers and web developers.

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This is not a book

This is not just a book—it’s a course in a book format. Digital extras, example exercises, the source code, and the Sketch/Figma files that are included make this book perfect for diving into the magnificent world of web typography.

  • 30+

    Live code examples

  • 6

    Printable cheat sheets

  • Sketch & Figma

    Example website Sketch & Figma files

  • Codepen

    Example website source code

  • Font memory game

    Printable font memory game

* available as digital extras

  • Beautiful typography should never be underestimated, it tells a story, it evokes excitement, and seems so simple to create. It isn’t, but it will be once you have studied this must-read edition.

    —Steve Jenkins Editor, Web Designer Magazine
    Steve Jenkins
  • Matej addresses designers and developers equally—but not only has he written an informative book with useful content, it’s also written in a nice and lovely-to-read way.

    —Marc Thiele Founder/organiser of beyond tellerrand
    Marc Thiele
  • Seriously detailed and, more importantly, fodder for any discussion with clients to convince them why the fonts you chose were the right ones for the project.

    —Paul Jarvis Designer & author of Company of One
    Paul Jarvis
Better Web Type Book eBook-only Edition


eBook + Digital Extras

PDF, epub (iBooks), mobi (Kindle) files
235 pages
13 chapters
Source code
Live examples
6 printable cheat sheets
Sketch and Figma files
Printable font memory game
Lifetime updates

Better Web Type Book Printed Edition

Printed + Digital

Printed + eBook & digital extras

Everything in Digital
High-quality colour paperback, printed on coated paper.

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Loved by thousands of designers and web developers

Join thousands of designers and web developers gaining years of experience in just hours.

Arne Schog

Arne Schog @arneschog

5-star rating A must-read for any web designer/developer

As a designer who also works in front-end code, I've been waiting for book like this, which addresses both designers and developers. Often, there is still a huge gap in the collaboration between design and code. This book will help to improve this process and make a web with better typography.

David Udvardy

David Udvardy

5-star rating A comprehensive primer for web typography

A quick to read practical guide on how to deal with pleasing page layouts and the finer details of micro typography. Good guidelines, and avoids taking himself to seriously. Admits the role of subjective judgment, he is not trying to show totally as a science.

Mattéo Delabre

Mattéo Delabre
Web Developer

5-star rating Awesome typography book for web developers

The author manages to introduce a lot of typography terms and concepts while keeping it simple for developers (like me) to understand, notably because he uses a lot of examples. He also shows how to apply most techniques in a web context, which makes me recommend this book to web developers who want to know more about typography.



5-star rating My favourite book on web typography

Beautifully captures all nuances and details, without becoming hard to read or boring. The techniques presented can be directly applied to your designs and layouts and will immediately improve them. In my opinion a new must-read for web designers.

Alyssa Karnes

Alyssa Karnes

5-star rating All the heart eyes 😍

Not only is this book incredibly informative, but it is wonderfully written. It's more than just helping you choose better typefaces—but creating type that is clear as well as beautiful.

Valeria Vozzheva

Valeria Vozzheva
Web Developer

5-star rating A must-read for any web developer

Great book with hands on recommendation for web developers. In fact, it took me quite long to read because I had to go through some parts several times in order to apply the concepts in my own projects! Already recommended it to my colleagues.

Muhammad Ahsan

Muhammad Ahsan
UX/UI Designer

5-star rating A great book on modern web typography

A must have book for every designer and web developer. I really enjoyed the code samples inside this book

Anand Narayan

Anand Narayan

5-star rating The author knows how to teach!

This is an amazing book. The author is very tasteful and wholesome. And it shows in the content. He takes you step by step through his design process and explains the concept of typography with practical and contextual examples, which is great!

Vanesa Román

Vanesa Román
Graphic/Web Designer

5-star rating The book that we needed for the grey area between web design and typography

I love the easy and clear way that this book is written in, as a non-native English speaker I really appreciate it. I’m a typography lover since I discovered it, as a classic graphic designer living in this digital era I really needed to set up all my knowledge and understand how to apply it in web design.

Better Web Type was featured in:

Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, Net Magazine, Codrops

What will you learn from this book?


  • Choosing typeface

    How to choose typefaces for your projects

  • Combining typefaces

    How to combine typefaces like a proper type geek

  • Typographically perfect paragraph

    How to set a perfect paragraph

  • Modular scale

    Why and how to use a modular scale

  • Vertical rhythm

    How to set up vertical rhythm for your website

  • Page composition

    How to shape pages and use responsive web typography

Design & build an example website

Each chapter concludes with examples that gradually design and build the example website.

  1. 01
    Learn the theory

    The what and the whys.

  2. 02
    Use it in practice

    See how.

  3. 03
    See it in action

    Live examples and source code.

Example website
Better Web Type printed book front cover

A delight for all your senses

Printed Edition

The printed book is a high-quality colour paperback printed with a touch of gloss coating on pages to emphasise the colours and a velvet-like matt cover.

Fresh book smell guaranteed.

Better Web Type printed book — Inside page
Better Web Type printed book — Inside page 2


Sketch & Figma example design files

Available in the Premium version

You will design and build an example website as you go through the book. The design files (Sketch & Figma) are included in the premium version of the book to maximise your learning. Please note that the fonts used in the example website aren’t included.

Font memory game


Six Better Web Type Cheat Sheets

Available in the Premium version

Get six cool printable web typography cheat sheets that will help you recognize font styles, use typographically correct punctuation, font weights, font styles, combine fonts and more.

Web typography cheat sheets


Printable font memory game

Available in the Premium version

Recognizing different styles of fonts is one of the most challenging parts of typography. This game helps you train your eyes to notice the smallest details in typeface designs.

Check out the online version

Font memory game

About the author

Hey, I’m Matej. My journey towards being a designer began when I was 13. I joined an after-school class called ‘Web Design’ where I learned the basics of HTML and handcrafted my first website. I never studied design so typography was one of the many things that I had to explore by myself. And once I started exploring, I couldn’t stop. The gray area between design and development attracted me the most, so I created things like Gutenberg—The Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit and now Better Web Type. I decided to create a web typography course because there’s little content online that would be practical, concise and aimed at both—designers and developers.

@matejlatin | matejlatin.com

Matej Latin


I finished the free email course, should I still get the book?

I didn’t just take the content from the free course and put it into an eBook format. I expanded it. The course was relatively short with around 13,000 words of content, the book is more than 40,000 words long, has 232 pages, and covers advanced topics that aren’t in the email course.

I’m not a native English speaker. Will I have problems understanding the book?

I’m not a native English speaker either so my writing always uses the simplest language that anyone can understand. You can download a sample chapter to see if it’s ok. Besides, I’m always happy to help if you have trouble understanding any part of the book. Just send me an email.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

I do—a 30-day money back policy. If, for some reason, you’re not 100% happy with the book, I'll gladly refund your order. For printed books I can only refund 70% of the order.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, if you’re a student write me an email from your student email address and I’ll send you a discount for the eBook.